“vlog|7 31 13” w/ no tags* ’cause I’m sick of flame wars!

I totally missed doing a Random Shit for Friday because I had a long week and took a nap and here we are technically Saturday morning. It’s kinda too bad too as I was gonna write about a few things that have been nagging and I didn’t. Although it’s just as well because I made a bit of a jackass out of myself yesterday on Twitter and I was debating whether to write about it and I’m kind of glad I didn’t.

So here’s this. It’s the third last of the uploads that I never got around to posting here. And that’s not including the ones I have left to edit and upload. Yes, from months ago. Yes, I’ll get around to it. No, I don’t know when.


*In grabbing the YouTube link, I was looking forward to seeing whom to tag on the Twitter post and felt a sinking feeling as I’d basically be calling out everyone… which I don’t feel like doing. “Why the fuck did you call them out in the vlong, then, asshole?” you might be wondering. Well, because as much as I’d announced at the time that I was trying not to shit on people publicly, I guess I hadn’t fully gotten it out of my system yet.

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