(Belated) Congrats to @unbelieversfilm, @RichardDawkins, & @LKrauss1 on Distribution or I Just Pre-Ordered (in HD)!

I’ve known about this for months now and, yes, am only now getting around to saying anything about it. And yes, I know how irrelevant that automatically makes this post. Especially since I’m not saying anything of substance on the subject. I’m just saying, “Gosh, ain’t it great?” But in my continued, though oft faltered, commitment to promote shit I love, here I am promoting shit I love.

When I first heard about the project, I thought, “About goddamn time,” in terms of a film being released by nons talking about nons. I’m sure this isn’t the •first• time this has occurred, but it’s obviously pretty damn rare.

Especially with Noah, Son of God, God Is Not Dead, Heaven Is for Real, and other bullshit being released, it’s nice to have a tiny, tiny, if un-distributed voice, at the table.

And yeah, I guess that makes the voice •not• at the table. Or so I thought for weeks. Until I saw the e-mail message that TU had gotten distribution.


It was brief theatrical to be followed by VOD. I couldn’t be more excited. Did I run out to see it immediately?


Why not? No good excuse. I was working or working or recovering from working or playing video games or whatever else. I know. I’m the one who has “atheist advocate” splattered across his Twitter profile and when I get a chance to advocate some atheism I… don’t.

I’m lazy. And riding the bus everywhere is kind of a pain.

But that doesn’t matter now! The little film that could has and now it’s out there on the webber-tubes! And as the title says, I’ve finally shown my support with an HD pre-order!

Have you??

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