Didn’t happen. For the first time since I’ve done these, I was incapable of starting the hangout for over half an hour. At that point, it was like, "What’s the point?" So fucking irritating. I’m still not sure what the problem was. Google kept prompting me to install plugins and respond to prompts. What finally (kinda) worked was restarting my computer. But by that point, it was too late.

Albert and I will reschedule. I hope for soon, but it may be as much as a month.

Thanks to Albert for his time and patience and my apologies to him and anyone who was gonna tune in. Next time.

And for shit and giggles, here’s a vlog entry in which I mention Albert.

2 Responses to “My hangout|WITH #DONKENNEDYALBERT”

  1. […] most, you lose two. As with my hangout with Zoe Jen and my hangout that didn’t happen with Don Albert, this one was plagued with problems. First, it took us a half hour to even get the invite […]

  2. […] this week’s hangout seems short, it’s only because it is. As with my last attempt with Don Kennedy Albert, setup was plagued with problems. Turns out the biggest one was I was […]

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