Glory be to on high! After last week’s embarrassing debacle, everything worked out with this one. Two warnings, though. One is it starts to get dark on my side because the sun’s setting behind me and coming towards the end, I look like this skeevy troll lurking in the dark. Which I am. Also, due to my paranoia on time, I actually ended things a bit early, so my apologies to Johnson for that. We had a great time, though, and the bandwidth gods blessed us right up until the end.

9 Responses to “My hangout|WITH @HAPPIESTATHEIST”

  1. Glad to hear she thinks you’re a good white boy for confessing as much. That’s where I had to bail, but I’ll keep in mind her racist, sexist attitudes for any potential interview or interaction. You’re so much nicer about it than I’d be Anton. I could probably stand to have some of your patience

    • Much of my patience comes from a bit of an understanding of the anger and being aware of my own defensiveness. In my opinion, both are understandable, but neither very useful.

    • What did you consider racist & sexist?

      • When you brought up “check your privilege” and said you didn’t understand what that’s supposed to mean she affirmed it was that it was your admitting you are white and a man. “You’re checking your privilege”. This is liberal racism/sexism. You are a stereotype.
        Here’s privilege: If you’d indicated that she had less value in her opinion due to her sex or color you’d be a bigot. But she actually says it outright with a chuckle and her sex and color seem to make that socially acceptable.
        “Privilege” is just the latest term to excuse discriminatory attitudes

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