Si-i-i-i-igh. You win most, you lose two. As with my hangout with Zoe Jen and my hangout that didn’t happen with Don Albert, this one was plagued with problems. First, it took us a half hour to even get the invite notification to Talarovich so she could join. When it finally showed up, we saw no discernible reason for it. It just started working. Then, the call dropped her about three times. Finally, still unknown to me as to why, my sound dropped. So for probably the entire second half, you can’t hear me. At all. As such, as of this writing, I’m not even sure I’ll spread this one around. Talarovich and I have already agreed to do a do-over soon.

And apparently, my sound sucks in all of them. According to Kam3333. Which means I’ll probably definitely, maybe have to get actual headphones and mic.

Did I mention I haven’t gotten enough sleep? Because I haven’t. Anyway, here’s the episode. after much mulling, the episode has been made private and Talarovich and I will do over soon.

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