Random shit for Friday (#triggerwarning: #JooHeeKim)

When I wrote about my late friend Joo Hee the other day, I immediately afterwards wondered why. This isn’t called Joo Hee Kim Memorial Asshole. But then I remembered writing about my late godmother Bonnie and my late friend Tim.

In those cases and in this one, I think my preoccupation is with the permanence of death. This is nothing new or original; humans have been preoccupied with it since we’ve been human.

And yet I can’t get used to it.

Thing is with Bonnie, she was in a previous generation–my parents’. It’s normal that that generation will die before mine, even at her relatively young age.

It’s also normal with Tim because he committed suicide. While a tragedy, it was a conscious choice he made. No one thrust it upon him.

But for Joo Hee, her death was neither her conscious choice nor normal for her age (which was the same as mine).

This leads to two of my problems with (any) theology.

  1. a theist must necessarily believe that Joo Hee’s now-revealed lifelong suffering from Type-1 diabetes–which lead to decades of discomfort and depression, among other side-effects, and, ultimately to her death–was completely acceptable. This unavoidably means that either any god either doesn’t care about human suffering or is just a dick.
  2. one of my F’book friends commented that Joo Hee was now “in paradise.” Whatever. Said friend can think what she likes–I saw no reason to be a (social) asshole and call her on bullshit, but there’s zero evidence that there’s an afterlife let alone paradise… or even that, per any theology, Joo Hee had earned the right to go there.

Fact is, Joo Hee is dead. She suffered lifelong difficulty, many times perhaps not dealing with it as well as she should have, but that was what it was. As I said in my obit post on her, I hope, in her last few years, she found some happiness to have made the rest of it worth it.

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