Random shit for Friday (#triggerwarning: #atheist podcasts)

So I’m a giant hypocrite. Shocker, I know. Many moons ago, I declared I wouldn’t listen to any more atheist podcasts, with only a few exceptions.

I even went so far as to delete a ton of episodes of former faves just to purge it all.

Some of it was the perpetual rehashing of the drama. Some I simply didn’t find compelling. Regardless of the motivation, I was relieved to be done.

And yet here we are.

In the last few weeks, I’ve picked up one or two here and there. The Anti-Social Justice Podcast and Post-Rapture Looting Podcast to name just two. Granted, the A-SJP does cover drama, but fuck, those accents!!

I guess it was never really a “quantity of podcasts” issue, but a “quality (for me) of podcasts” issue.

And yet I still listen to Brian and Lee–Oh!

So hey, if you’ve got something, I’ll check it out, but don’t bore me or I’m hitting “delete”!

(How’s that for arrogant presumption?)

2 Responses to “Random shit for Friday (#triggerwarning: #atheist podcasts)”

  1. Listen to the Atheist Asshole show on Itunes 🙂 The host acts likes he’s on video for some reason?

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