Random shit for Friday (#triggerwarning: #therapy)

“There was that three-year-old who died. They made a movie about it… Do you think he was lying?”
–Dr. Sandy B.

Not her real name, no. I don’t feel like dealing with her googling her name and having this pop up, like what happened here.

This was my first session with Dr. B. I knew I was in trouble when I saw the fucking Buddha statue in the corner. Yes, I know. It’s a stereotype that middle-aged white women in CA who have Buddha statues in their offices believe in absolute, often completely debunked bullshit. Except in this case, and in the case of a friend of mine, it’s true.

But I gave her a chance. Figured maybe I was unfairly prejudging out of stereotypes… which I was, but I was afraid my prejudice would be unfair.

I was wrong.

Where do I even begin? How about death?

The primary reason I was there was due to deaths of loved ones like Joo Hee. I just wanted to talk to somebody about it, ya know? I expect no sugar coating. No hand holding. Just wanna talk.

I said something about how I was irritated at my mom’s fave expression “Earth Suit”–as in “She unzipped her Earth Suit” aka “She died,” with the obvious implication being that humans have (due to our evolution, our brains having developed the ability to wring from the protein never-defined, completely undetectable, memory- & personality-carrying immortal, indestructible, energy-comprising) souls. Dr. B. asked why I was irritated. I answered that there’s no evidence.

“There’s a lot of evidence.”

Ug. Like what? The opening quote.

But that wasn’t all. She then cited Dr. Ass McBullshit. At this point, I was finding it impossible to mask my contempt. Not for Dr. B. personally, but for all the lapped-up bullshit.

I pointed out that much of Dr. McBullshit’s story had been falsified or was unfalsifiable. I spoke on how people like Deepak Chopra make up bullshit about atoms having consciousness.

In her sort of call-and-response of what I was saying, she said:

“Well, Oprah– Deepak Chopra…”

Oh, for fuck’s sake. Oprah too?

We got into why all this bullshit bothers me. A fair point & one which I find difficult to answer. I pointed out that when bullshit is tolerated–as in the case of the anti-vaccination movement–people die. At least the good doctor agreed with me on that one.

Let’s spend a moment on the tolerating-bullshit thing. Why does that bother me so much? The fact is, Oprah’s endorsement of The Secret (and its twin the “law of attraction“) affects me not one whit.

Is it the Dillahunty-an desire to believe as many true things as possible & not believe as many false things as possible?

Is it that acceptance of one kind of bullshit seems to lead to acceptance of other kinda? Which can spiral into bullshit like anti-vaccination?

I kind of feel like having a very special episode of The Atheist Asshole Show with multiple people to explore this.

Off to find a new therapist.

3 Responses to “Random shit for Friday (#triggerwarning: #therapy)”

  1. Totally agree! Having a therapist that you can’t respect does not work. And that one was not worthy of respect (at least not her beliefs and grasp of reality).

    I blogged about some of this as well, specifically the bullshit of “the law of attraction.” Love to hear your thoughts on the post.


  2. Bullshit thy name is atheism.

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