The #AtheistAssholeShow|WITH @DEANESMAY

I completely forgot to mention on air that Esmay was my 30th episode! No, he wouldn’t have cared, but maybe I could’ve had him dance a jig (I like jigs, okay!). I also completely neglected to get more on his non-atheism. It’s funny that I assumed he was an atheist. I’m not sure why to be honest. Probably just because his circle and atheist circles tend to blend. I didn’t even ask him to elaborate.

Oh, well.

While I still self ID as a feminist (though I’m starting to suspect that my brand of “feminism” is synonymous with “humanism”), I can honestly say that Esmay challenged me as he said he hoped he would.

2 Responses to “The #AtheistAssholeShow|WITH @DEANESMAY”

  1. Hey, I had a good time. It’s nice to talk about these things rationally. We can do it again some time if you like. Make a list or something and we’ll hit it. I will tell you that unlike many Christians, I don’t think it’s my job to try to beat your atheism out of you, and I readily admit that God is generally non-falsifiable. I would want you and your fans to recognize, I have zero problem with secularism, am actually an ex-atheist (yes there are a few of us) and while my activism is fully compatible with my theological views, they don’t drive it.

    I also noticed you didn’t get into the SPLC thing. Was kind of waiting for it.

    Anyway, civil talk with interesting people who don’t agree with each other is to be treasured! In fact that’s the basis of what a liberal democratic society is supposed to be like! (Lower-case “l” and lower case “democratic” of course.)

  2. Hey Dean,

    Yeah, I’m a huge fan of calm, rational discourse.

    I have heard of ex-atheists & always wonder what convinced them after being unconvinced before.

    You’ll have to tell me sometime.



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