The #AtheistAssholeShow|WITH @PALACE486

“Atlanta! I mean Austin! I mean Dallas!”
–me being a dick

Even after Hix had told me the names of Fellowship of Freethought Dallas, of which he’s a board member, and Oak Cliff Secularists, of which he’s a founder, the first goddamn word out of my mouth in reference to the first was “Atlanta.”

Not even in Texas.

What an elitist west coaster I am. Anyway, Hix was gracious enough to take my name/identification slights in stride and even put up with my whining about my own board-member days.

Oh, and David Gamma Atheist? It’s on.

Check out all Hix’ stuff here:

Dallas Fort Worth Coalition of Reason
Fellowship of Freethought Dallas:
Oak Cliff Secularists:

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