Random shit for Friday (#triggerwarning: #butthurt)

I have a confession to make. I’ve been butthurt. A lot. With quite a number of people. In some cases, due to some big shit. In others, very, very little shit. In both types of cases, though, I can’t seem to let it go.

No names given. No specifics specified. No particular order.

  • He said some shit that I felt was not only inaccurate, but presumptive. And he just sort of pronounced it as if his opinion were fact. I called him on it. He ignored me.
  • She said some seriously stupid shit. Shit she could ‘ve easily looked up. Shit she could’ve cut, but chose not to. Nobody called her on it. Some in power celebrate her.
  • She made a ridiculous claim, I called her on it, she directed me to one of her articles, it said nothing about her claim, which I pointed out, and she ignored me.
  • He sometimes says interesting things, but a few times, he’s said utter bullshit, and seems to refuse to answer for said bullshit.
  • He was pretty fucking rude, I called him on it, realized I was a little harsh, tried to make good, was ultimately ignored.
  • She lied about me. Repeatedly. I called her on it. Rather than be ethical, she left the lies.
  • She misrepresented me. I tried to rectify it. She ignored me.
  • He wrote me, asked me not to send stupid people his way, even though I hadn’t and even though he seemingly delights in wasting his time with stupid people. I pointed that out and that he’s written me, not I him, and he ignored me.
  • I asked her for her help, she enthusiastically agreed, then, at the last minute, she bailed. Then, months later, she asked for my help.
  • She came after me, yelled at me, whined at me, then finally fucked off. Months later, when she did the same thing she’d been made at me for, I called her on it, and not only did she yell at me, others praised her, and one of the above-mentions ate my ass.
  • He said some shit about me, may have misrepresented, but I’ve honestly never checked.
  • He did nothing to me, but seems to have taken positions I find pretty disappointing.
  • He also disappointed me.
  • So did he.
  • I asked him on the show. He ignored me.
  • So did they.
  • And he.
  • He’s done nothing to me at all. I just have penis envy.
  • She’s done nothing to me, but I find her really obnoxious and she seems to be staggeringly popular.
  • He and I had a pretty good rapport, but then he called me out on something I actually know a fucking ton about, I told him that, proceeded to ignore him, then he lied about me.
  • She’s said some atrociously stupid shit, some of which I’ve called her on, and I actually don’t care that she’s ignored me, but it irritates me how do many have leaped to defend her shit.
  • She and I had a “pre-rapport.” She wasn’t interested, totally fine, but I had no idea she has some prominence, so I’ve since had to see her name fucking everywhere and thus relive my embarrassment.

I notice two huge trends. I don’t like it when people ignore me and I don’t like inconsistency.

But I feel much better.

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