Random shit for Friday (#triggerwarning: #branding)

Something’s been brewing up the last few days. I’ve thought about writing about it in a different manner before. I just never got around to it. Following is the briefest I can put it.

I don’t like the atheist community. The longer I’ve stayed in it, the more I’ve not liked it. Oh, yeah, I love doing my show, but the community at-large? The conferences? The controversies? Many of the better-known players*? Fuck ’em all. Except the ones who’ve been on my show or who’ve been invited or whom I hope to have on, but whom I haven’t invited yet.

My dislike became more apparent to me when I started doing my games-centered show. That shit is so much fun. So much goddamn fun. And unlike how I’ve been doing with my atheist show, if I don’t get a “guest” for the games show, I don’t care. I can just chat with people. Granted, I formatted the atheist show the way I did on purpose, but that was back when I assumed that my fellow nons would be happy to chat with me.


Back to the opening. With my general dislike of the community and my increasing lack of interest in interaction with it, I’ve given serious consideration to re-branding. Basically, this would involve retiring this site (though leaving it as an archive), its associated Facebook page, and videos specifically branded as “the|ATHEIST ASSHOLE.”

What’s that you ask? Am I Jen McCreight-ing** out of the game??


I’d still continue the show (though most likely a re-branded version), just not any real effort in blogging. Also no real effort in specifically “Atheist Asshole” videos. Rather if I wanna make a video, I just make it. No branding involved.

What’s the new brand? When’s this happening? What about all those videos I kept promising for months? What about the oddly alluded-to written pieces?

  1. I have a small idea which’ll come as zero surprise.
  2. I don’t know.
  3. Still doing them.
  4. Still doing them.

What’s the damn difference? Well, casual observers probably won’t notice any. It’s more about my time management.

What you can look forward to, then, is probably an explosion of “oh, and then there was this” stuff I’ve kept in my Drafts folder forever, a barrage of new pieces, an essential retiring of Random Shit, a few more specifically “Atheist Asshole” branded videos… then this site will just sort of sit here and whatever new incarnation I have will appear, most likely without any fanfare, and we’ll forge ahead.

*Obviously, I’m kidding.

**Before you send hate mail: I have nothing at all against McCreight and honestly know almost nothing about her other than the reported her ditching blogging. That’s seriously all I know. I don’t even know what she wrote pre-ditching and haven’t paid attention since. In fact, my verbification of her consists of about a third of my entire knowledge of her. Thanks.

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