(The supernatural claims of) #FengShui are #bullshit!

But first, a definition of FS itself:

“Feng Shui is a system of aesthetics that involves the creation of harmony between people and their environment. At its most basic form, Feng Shui discusses how the Universal energy known as ‘Chi’ affects you. Chi enters through your front door, traveling throughout various centers of your home. If there is clutter in your home, the Chi gets stuck, and the energy becomes stagnant. This eventually affects the residents of the home in various ways. For example, feeling lethargic, fatigued, unfocused, or even sick are all results of ‘stuck Chi.’ In order to ‘free the Chi,’ the clutter needs to be eliminated and furniture needs to be moved. A Feng Shui consultant can be invaluable in helping you place items or furniture to maximize harmony in your home. Remember that you are reflected in your home, and your home is reflected in you.”

Let’s get the positive out of the way. A “system of aesthetics” is awesome. I’ve seen pictures of homes and offices that have been organized according to FS principles and it’s a very cool design system. When taken on those grounds alone, I say if you wanna pay for someone to deck out your space according to these principles, have a ball.


On seeing Lady’s video in which she describes FS and her services, I wrote to her. Following are some choice bits. My quotes are in Italics. Hers are in bold Italics.

What is “Chi”?

“Chi is energy like in Star Wars.”

How is what Lady does for a living any different from selling cure-all tonic? I realize this isn’t the Old West and Charlatan isn’t pitching out of the back of a wagon, but essentially, how is Lady’s practice any different? How is Lady not a charlatan? To be fair, I even looked this up. According to Dictionary.com:

Charlatan: a person who pretends or claims to have more knowledge or skill than he or she possesses; quack.

The key word seems to be “pretends.” I can’t prove that Lady is pretending. In which case, I can’t call her a quack; however, since she not only offered no evidence for her claims, but dodged my questions and then left the conversation, I feel safe to assume that she’s at least aware that her claims are extraordinary and she has no evidence to support them. Though this doesn’t preclude her still believing her claims, it definitely sheds light on their

Did Lady respond to my questions?


Why not? Because she knows she’s hawking bullshit. But here’s the thing. As I told her, I like the design principles. If I had the money or someone else were footing the bill, i’d probably have a home or office decked out according to Feng Shui. I probably would’ve gone directly to her. But because she doesn’t admit that the supernatural claims she makes are bullshit, not even with a “for entertainment purposes only” disclaimer, I see no reason to give her my money. I don’t want her business to fail. I don’t want her to lose customers. But because she can’t be honest about what she’s doing, I’d definitely feel an obligation to say to people, hey, this woman knows her shit in terms of where to put your furniture, but she’s full of crap with everything else. You might as well go find someone who’s an interior designer alone without the extraneous bullshit.

Feng Shui may be cool-looking, cool-sounding, Eastern philosophy, hipster neatness, but the bullshit supernatural claims completely lack in evidence and thus bullshit they remain.

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