Dakota’s De-Conversion Story

“I guess I was a theist when I was younger, because my family spent a lot of time with my Dad’s extended family, all of whom are very religious. So there was a lot of praying and God this and God that. While my Dad was skeptical of religion and always made fun of Christian, he still believed in God (but probably a more pantheist/deist/agnostic version). As a teenager, I still believed in God (I guess I did, I can’t really tell anymore), but thought that Christianity and other religions were silly. During my first year of university, my thoughts on God changed to more of a agnostic/deist view, and then I started watching Youtube videos of Richard Dawkins, the Atheist Experience, and other skeptics and atheists. At this point I started to realize that there really isn’t any good evidence to justify believing in God, who always seemed to be, in essence, an argument from ignorance within science and philosophy. I’ve considered myself an atheist since.”


De-Conversion Stories

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