Patrick Hicks’ De-Conversion Story

“When i was a lot younger i got really big into history and when i started to read more and more about european history, and all the shit the christian church has allowed, and condonned, it made me start to get just frustrated and mad. As i read more and more, i found myself saying, ‘How can a god allow this, unless there isent one’. And thats when i just stopped believing. Luckily my parent were open minded about religion and allowed me to believe what i wanted and said i never had to go back to church again if i dident want to. For the longest time at my school i felt like an outsider, cause it seemed like no one else dident believe, but then I found out that alot of my friends either doubt there faith or share my views, and my religious friends respect my choice and accept that this is me. But i feel sad for kids in my school that are atheist but dont have the backing that i have, so i tying to start an atheist group for kids to feel welcome and accepted and be surrounded by like minded people, and not feel like an outsider like i used to.”

–Patrick Hicks

De-Conversion Stories

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