somethingdiffereable’s De-Conversion Story

“Well, like most people I was systematically brainwashed into religion at an early age! I never believed in santa claus (ever) and found the god-thing suspect right from the get-go! I was raised roman catholic and when my folks sent me to church on sundays, I skipped along with my little band of deciples. I spent the money on candy and whatnot.

“By the time I got to Jr. Highschool I began to examine the religious mumbo-jumbo a little more critically after discovering Darwin. I never really cared for Marx but I thought he was on to something with the religion being the opiate of the masses statement. I was at that time an agnostic.

“By the time I hit high school and discovered girls, drugs, liquor and all that fun stuff. I felt religion of any kind was not consistant with enjoyment and became a full fledged Atheist.

“Early into adulthood I was introduced to our wonderful legal system due to liquor and drug usage and was subsequently forced to attend AA. This didn’t last long however because I discovered seperation of church and state was in the first amendment and told the judge where to put it. That’s when I was fully converted to militant Atheism and have been ever since. I was saved! That’s what I tell all the fundies. I am saved from a life of religious enslavement!”

De-Conversion Stories

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