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@panonbelievers Pisses EVERYBODY Off or What’s in a Billboard?

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I’m sure you’ve heard some of the controversy over the following billboard, now destroyed and removed:


Here’s one of the guys responsible for it, Ernest Perce, of American Atheists in association with Pennsylvania Nonbelievers (thanks to Brian Fields, president of Pennsylvania Nonbelievers, for the correction!):


I have VERY mixed feelings on this one. My first thought was, “Well, that’s what the Bible says; read the fucking thing.” But I had a second, less tangible reaction. One of those pesky, deep-down-in-the-gut reactions. I wondered why I felt a sense of guilt and remorse, especially over something I hadn’t done or endorsed. Then it struck me.

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Thank you, #GenerationXeroFilms, for your “Black Christians: America’s Biggest Hypocrites” video!

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Back in ’08, I was shocked and disgusted to hear about the passing of Prop 8 in CA (I was in OR at the time). I asked out loud, “Who would vote for this??” At first, I thought, “Fucking religious assholes!” then I heard about statistical data showing that not only was it religious assholes, but primarily ethnic minority religious assholes.

That’s right. Blacks, Latinos, and Asians.

I was sorely disappointed with the African-American community. It hadn’t been that long, only a couple of decades, since it had been illegal for blacks to drink from the same water fountain as I. It hadn’t been that long since blacks couldn’t legally marry blokes like I.

What a nauseating betrayal.

Then the rationalizations poured in. “Homosexuality is a choice!” Let’s pretend, for a moment, that it is. Let’s pretend that it has nothing to do with genetics, hormones, upbringing, or any other ultimately non-elective factor. How the fuck does that give anyone the right to legislate their religious bullshit preventing gays from marrying??

Seriously, let’s say that every awkward teenager who would normally be heterosexual made the conscious decision to become gay. Let’s say that’s what’s happened in every single case in all of human history. How does that give anyone the right to legislate against it?

I’ve been a little reticent to share my views on this pretty much because I’m a white, male, heterosexual who knows nothing of what it’s like to be black in this country. Which is why I’m so glad that GenerationXeroFilms DOES know:

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