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“vlog|11 19 13” #LeeMoore w/ @WeAreAtheism, #EllenBethWachs’ apologia, @Dan_Aykroyd’s #woo, & #FtB!

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I’m just now getting to this because there have been a couple of delays. One is that I just moved and, though the physical move itself didn’t take long, the preparation and post-move unpacking etc. has taken a while. I’ve also in the last 24 hours experienced this really irritating thing where my iMac trackpad registers clicks when I haven’t pressed it. This has made even basic tasks really difficult and time-consuming to accomplish.

Pant, pant.

This entry, like the previous, is quite long at about 24 minutes. The difference is I cover more. And the good news is it’s the last long one, for now anyway.

First up, Lee Moore joins We Are Atheism, a site which I admittedly only just started paying attention to due to Moore’s involvement. This is absolutely nothing against WAA, just that I never found the time to get to it on my long list of atheist-related stuff to check out.
Next, and I feel I need to be really clear on this before I even get into it because some people have a tendency to completely (and perhaps intentionally?) get wrong what I mean… I don’t hate EllenBeth Wachs. I don’t even dislike her. So if anyone suspects either, including Wachs herself, they can rest assured it’s not true. I do, however, find some of her actions irritating, which I get into. But it’s not all umbrage. Lots of fun stuff in there too.

StarTalk Radio is a great podcast right up until the point where Neil DeGrasse Tyson doesn’t challenge Dan Aykroyd’s woo at all. Way to science, there, Neil. 😐

And finally, I do a bit of a compare between Julian Assange’s behavior and some things I’ve noticed about FreeThought Blogs.

Happy New Year & 50K+ hits (and counting) & @timminchin’s #Storm!

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Imagine my delight when I saw the counter zip past 49 (now past 51) thousand. Yes, it’s taken a while. Yes, a wee bit behind Facebook and Wikipedia. But since my only goal when I started this site was to add a voice to the movement, I’m way more than satisfied.

What’s funny to me, though, is I imagine the most popular and not best written post seems to be my rant on AA. While I’m glad that’s brought people here, I kind of wish it had been something better.

Oh, well.

Now onto what I teased in the title. I’ve known about Minchin for a bit, but I’ve never found the time to check out his work. Then, completely randomly, I happened upon his (with DC Turner and Tracy King) Storm while looking at other stuff. And it’s fucking fantastic.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve either gotten into or almost gotten into conversations as described below. And like the narrator protagonist, I’ve been warned by partners not to get into it. But, like Minchin’s character, I have a very short fuse for bullshit, especially bullshit which leads directly to harm.

Happy New Year and enjoy!

Thank you, #somethingdiffereable, for your de-conversion story!

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My sincerest apologies to somethingdiffereable, who sent me this a long time ago, but I never got around to posting it. His story’s below and under De-Conversion Stories.

“Well, like most people I was systematically brainwashed into religion at an early age! I never believed in santa claus (ever) and found the god-thing suspect right from the get-go! I was raised roman catholic and when my folks sent me to church on sundays, I skipped along with my little band of deciples. I spent the money on candy and whatnot.

“By the time I got to Jr. Highschool I began to examine the religious mumbo-jumbo a little more critically after discovering Darwin. I never really cared for Marx but I thought he was on to something with the religion being the opiate of the masses statement. I was at that time an agnostic.

“By the time I hit high school and discovered girls, drugs, liquor and all that fun stuff. I felt religion of any kind was not consistant with enjoyment and became a full fledged Atheist.

“Early into adulthood I was introduced to our wonderful legal system due to liquor and drug usage and was subsequently forced to attend AA. This didn’t last long however because I discovered seperation of church and state was in the first amendment and told the judge where to put it. That’s when I was fully converted to militant Atheism and have been ever since. I was saved! That’s what I tell all the fundies. I am saved from a life of religious enslavement!”


Hats off to #AtheistEvangelist, #BionicDance, #GrapplingIgnorance, #religiousantagonist, and #ZOMGitsCriss for great pro-#atheist videos!

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There seems to have been a flood lately of great atheist videos. Here are a few.

“Brother Sam at Westboro Baptist Church, May 1, 2011.” From AtheistEvangelist:

Brother Sam gives Phelps’ cult a taste of their own medicine.

“The Bible is NOT evidence.” From BionicDance:

I pointed out that Lord of the Rings wasn’t the strongest means of comparison. To her credit, Bionic agreed. The choice was due to practicality.

“Free Will.” From GrapplingIgnorance:

Grappling makes some great points that I’d never even considered.

“THE BLASPHEMER’S PRAYER.” From religiousantagonist:

Through my immersion in the 12 Step programs, I had this one shoved down my throat. So nice to see it realistically portrayed.

“How it all started.” From ZOMGitsCriss:

Criss always does great work. I like her vlog/one-woman show style. And that cool accent doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

Thank you, #RonaldHill , for your awesome ‘toon!

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Yes, this is from my dad. I was gonna title the post something like “Alcoholics Anonymous is bullshit (recalibrated)!” but I’ve used that series too much too recently.

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