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Now that several fans/friends have already commented on this hangout on its YouTube page, I’m finally getting to posting it here. The longest one so far, ours was a great hangout covering lots of Moore background, our mostly mutual feelings on the Great Atheist Schism ™, the Godless Revival/Sunday Assembly split, what makes a great dramatic situation, and so much more!

“vlog|12 11 13” @AmericanAtheist, @MrAtheistPants, @DaveMuscato, #Christmas w/o #Christ: #Xmas

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The thing I love most about American Atheists’ last few years’ rash of billboards is that it’s brought a ton of attention to atheism, especially through David Silverman’s (and Dave Muscato’s) appearances on Fox News (among other places). I generally feel that both Silverman and Muscato then usually do a great job discussing the billboards, but I do have small concerns that I address in the entry.

As a further point that I barely brought up in the entry, it seems that the word "Xmas" has a very long history, long before the 20th century, which discredits the opinion that it’s a "new" or invalid reference to Christmas. Find out more on the page linked on the entry’s YouTube page.

“vlog|11 21 13” special edition|#JEHOVAHSWITNESSES! w/ @jwupdates & @godisagui

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Before I get into this new one, I have to bitch about what I’m currently doing. As some may have noticed, I haven’t updated recently but for video updates. While I’m glad I’ve gotten to video updates, I’m unhappy that that’s all I’ve gotten to. It’s true that I just finished moving, but I feel like I had a bit of a renaissance of lots of little things as recently as about two months ago and here we are again with only weekly videos. And I guess that’s okay. If that’s all I manage, it’s at least something.

Along with that, I tried a new format of vlog entries where, like everyone else, I record them from the comfort of my office computer. I mean, that’s awesome, right? No need to worry about background noise and interruptions that are replete out in the open on the street. But this morning I attempted to record one. My second fucking attempt. I had a lot of good shit on American Atheists’ current holiday billboard. Then when I clicked “done,” iMovie got all funky. Then it fucking froze. I maintained faith that the video file would still be there. Nope. I maintained faith that maybe it ended up in the trash. Nope. The seconds-long experimental “testing, testing” video I recorded earlier was still in the trash, but not the actual vlog entry. So, for whatever reason, iMovie doesn’t want me to record vlog entries from the comfort of my office computer. I’ll have to do it in the living room or something. So fucking annoying.

Finally onto this entry. As is described, I recorded it haphazardly after a lengthy session with Jehovah’s Witnesses, my first in decades. I tried to take Don Albert’s advice in how to handle the situation and promptly screwed that up. As I go into, though, I did touch on a couple of points that I think were worth it.

Oh, and the sound sucks.

So while I figure out my new vlog entry recording scheme, enjoy the following (and the next two entries)!

It’s official: I’ve deleted #atheist podcasts (w/ exceptions). @anewsteam @ffzpodcast @reapsowradio

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Donkeys years ago, I was a member of American Atheists and a subscriber to their newsletter. This was before Dave Silverman’s regime. It was the days of Judge Roy Moore’s Ten Commandments monument placement. I delighted every time I saw that atom logo in the mail. I couldn’t wait to devour the contents inside. News, updates, and articles on all things atheist.

Concurrently, I suffered from this very odd psychological condition. Once a month, almost to the day, I got really, really pissed off and frustrated. It’d last a few days or even up to a week. It was really unpleasant, really uncomfortable, and I desperately wanted it to go away.

Wait a minute.

I know what you’re thinking: correlation/causation fallacy. Normally, I’d assume there was some validity to that except that the days on which I got really pissed off always corresponded with the days I received AA’s publication. Reading the AA newsletter was pissing me off!

I don’t blame AA at all. They were just doing their job. But for me, it became exhausting. As much as I cared about (and still do) atheist issues, the newsletter was kind of taking over my emotional life.

I unsubscribed.

Or perhaps more accurately, I let my subscription run out. I was no longer clockwork pissed off. Success!

Let’s flash forward a few years. It’s around ’08 and I’m downloading every last atheist podcast I can store on my li’l iPhone. The topics range from debunking the religious to church/state separation issues to commiseration.

Then elevatorgate happened.

No, I am NOT blaming Rebecca Watson for this. Remember, I’ve on multiple occasions publicly supported her (initially) in that whole mess. No, no. This isn’t on her. It’s on all those who (myself included) took a giant diarrhea dump down each others’ throats for everything from elevatorgate to rape apologetics to whatever the fuck else you wanna throw in there.

For years now it’s been asshat this and too-ugly-to-rape that and I’m fucking sick of it. And that’s not all. I started to realize that I was getting really sick of all non-bullshit-related topics. I was just sick of the whole fucking thing.

Judge Roy Moore all over again.

I mentioned this a few weeks ago here:

But I’ve taken it a step further. Not only did I unsubscribe from a bunch of podcasts, but a few days ago, I even deleted old episodes of some of those that I’d intended to listen to at some point. Even some very, very famous ones. Fuck it. Tired of it. Delete.

Never felt better.

Okay, no, that’s total bullshit. There are plenty of times I’ve felt better, but in this context nope. Not only do I not regret deleting old episodes, but I’m also relieved. They’re not there and I don’t care.

But for the exceptions I listed above (and maybe a couple of others), I’m done. And honestly, it’s not like Full Frontal and Reap Sow never get into the bullshit, but at least they both make me laugh. (Oh, and A-News is cool too.) A lot to be said for entertainment value.

“vlog|6 20 13” in which I discuss @MrAtheistPants, @JustinVacula, @BraveHeroRadio, the @NationalAtheist Party, and the @GoodNewsClub!

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I’m gonna have to update these more frequently as at least one issue I mention is already moot. Oh, well. What are you gonna do?

As a bit of an update to the thing I mention about the stupid atheist movement, I’m actually not so sure I’ll make a video about it. I’ve become less and less concerned about the movement and what happens to it. Mainly this is due to the fact that I’ve found a direct correlation between what’s going on in the movement and my mood. And here’s the thing:

I like being happy.

That’s right! As energizing as it can be in the moment, being pissed off about boneheaded things that stupid people say or do only carries one till about noon, then one just wants to hear happy, cool stuff. I frankly don’t know how cats like Justin Vacula do it, not only being activists, but putting up with some people’s bullshit.

This is not to say that I won’t ever criticize my fellow atheists again, far from it. If someone does or says something that’s bullshit, I may feel compelled to say something about it, but there’s at least one thing on which I agree with Dave Silverman, I’m getting pretty sick of the shit.

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