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#AtheistAsshole is now (semi-)officially (semi-)retired

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I’ve been hinting at it for months. I’ve not been getting around to it. Why? The chief reason is I still had three posts I wanted to write. One was gonna be an apology to Tracy Morgan for reaming him years ago about his homophobic joke. Now that I’ve said that, a whole post hardly seems necessary. The other two were gonna be a two-parter about how people will believe anything. The first was gonna be on Robin Hood, how there’s zero evidence that any such person ever existed. The second was gonna be on this French guy who successfully posed as a 17-year-old kid who’d disappeared and how the kid’s family believed this guy to be their son even though he didn’t look like their son and spoke with a French accent.

My thanks to everyone who’s supported this site over the years. You know who you are. My bigger thanks to everyone who’s subscribed. My apologies for not having made your subscription more worthwhile.

If you wanna check out what else I’ll be up to, you can find me on Twitter @antonahill and YouTube/user/antonahill.

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My video “wtf|IS UP WITH SOUTHERN BAPTISTS?” is live!

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As seen on Apartment J Entertainment’s Atheist News, this is a recut version. See it below and to the right under My Media.


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As first seen on Apartment J Entertainment’s A-News, this is the uncut, uncensored, un-sound checked version with more content and a LOUDER voice!

Come and watch me #Tumblr!

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No, that’s not a euphemism for anything. On a friend’s recommendation, I’ve started a Tumblr account. How do I have time for this site, my Support Atheism, Atheist Connect, and A-News contributions, in addition to my YouTube channel and Facebook page, you ask?

I don’t.

As anyone who’s visited the Facebook page can attest, I don’t do much with that. The intention was to put bits of first-run stuff there, and I would have, had I figured out how to make the damn Twitter forward to it. I haven’t given up on it yet, it’s just not a huge priority yet. And the fact is, without, to borrow a computer term, a large enough install base, I’m just not sure there’s a huge need for the Facebook page as of yet. (Enough “yet”s yet?)

But this isn’t about that.

My point of the above things is that no, I don’t have time for it all, but what I’ve noticed is I’ve tended to collect little bits and pieces, like links to videos and articles, that I want to share with the world, and sometimes even comment on, but I just don’t find the time. However, with Tumblr’s bit on simply forwarding or
“re-blogging” things, I figured that’d be a nice way to go.

So the general rule will be if I just want to share something, without taking the time to, at-length, comment on it, it goes on Tumblr. if I do want to comment, it goes on here and becomes a post. If I want to say a ton of shit, it becomes an article for SA and AC. If it becomes something where I feel I actually want to say things (as opposed to writing them), it goes up on YouTube.

Case-by-case basis.

So please drop by my Tumblr page linked below and on the right under My Tumblr, follow me, and, if you’re lucky, I might even follow you!

The Atheist Asshole’s Tumblr!

My video “an|OPEN LETTER” is live on #SupportAtheism!

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The main page is here. My video is here (though slightly mislabeled). It’s also linked under My Media. And of course, right here:

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