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Thank you, #theatheistpig, for your comic about #Christian plumbers!

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As illustrated above, something similar happened to me a number of years ago when I was frequenting this little sandwich place a few feet away from my apartment. It was a delusional place to start. The proprietor kept claiming it to be a “family restaurant” when, unlike actual family restaurants like IHOP, it had little space, poor kid- and family-friendly branding, and a menu that simply wasn’t that inspired or long. But the proprietor insisted. “Family restaurant!”

One day, after buying a sandwich or slice of cake or something, I made some not-worth-remembering remark about some not-worth-remembering subject. Maybe it was some polite, bullshit question. The
proprietor’s answer was, “Well, we’re Christians!” all nice and excited.


How did he expect me to respond? “Oh, that’s a relief! I thought you were baby-eating Satanists! Imagine my relief to now know that you instead worship blood sacrifice, vicarious atonement, and other stupid bullshit!” Did he mean, per the above comic, that being Christian made his food, service, work ethic, or anything else better than if he weren’t? Didn’t his boisterous self-praise automatically imply that those who weren’t Christian were thus either at least not what he was claiming of himself or at most the opposite?

Wait a minute! It was a socially-scceptable personal slight! Of course he didn’t know that, but it would have been structurally no different had he said, “Well, we’re teeth-pluckers!” Yes, theology and incompetent dentistry are different things, but the implication, that what he was claiming of himself and that such a claim was superior to alternate claims, was no different than had he declared himself an amateur dentist.

It’s also a pretty fucking stupid thing to do unless you know that your client or potential client is of your ilk. Because, petty as it may be, I never went back as long as I knew he was there. I figured if you’re willing to broadcast your beliefs presumptively to belief-incognito customers, then fuck you. You have no sense of customer relations and you don’t deserve my business.

Had the “restaurant” sign read something with “Christ” or “Christian” in it, then it’d be a different issue. It’d be my choice to enter an establishment with proprietors proclaiming their beliefs. And if I’d taken any offense, that would’ve been my problem entirely.

But that’s not what happened.

Like so many other religious, this idiot assumed that everyone would or should agree with him. He went bankrupt within weeks. (And yes, I know there’s no causative relationship between his idiocy and his lack of business acumen.)

Behold, #atheist funnies!

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Since I’ve been so bogged down with other stuff, I’ve found precious little time for major updates here. I’m still in progress on many things, but few will immediately come to fruition, so until then, here’s some brain candy!


I bumped into The Atheist Pig through the cool cats at Generation Atheist and boy am I glad I did! A fun artistic style and to-the-point, irrefutable narratives! Oink on, Mike of Atheist Pig. Oink on.


From Atheist Connect. I’ve known about Heathens for quite a while, but hadn’t gotten around to posting on it. I really enjoy stick figure style. I like how it forces the artist to render complex ideas with simplicity.

I saw this a long time ago on Atheist Connect, then on their page on Facebook. It made me laugh out loud. Isn’t it true, though? The religious hate, hate, hate science when it conflicts with their beliefs right up until the point where they need medical science. Or computer science. Or environmental science. Or any kind of science. Then they just can’t get enough! Well, except for Christian Scientists. But they’re fucking nuts.


Finally, my first love, Atheist Cartoons! What I love about this one is I’ve definitely had my fair share of conversations with fellow atheists where I wanted to punch them. Specifically one who (falsely) equated the experience of the Jews in the Holocaust to the experience of the mentally challenged and others who claimed that Islam caused 9/11.

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