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The @Pontifex throws in his #pallium

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This blew my fucking mind. I never would’ve imagined a pope would retire. My lack of imagination seems to be justified as apparently the last time a pope resigned was 600 years ago.

I’d always been creeped out by Joseph Ratzinger. I mean look at him. Those dodgy, pedophile-priest-hiding eyes. That innocence-devouring, cock-swilling grin. Plus, he’s German. They’ve never done anything good. Except this. And maybe this.

When I first heard that he’d headed the office responsible for investigating pedophilia cases, I was appalled, shocked, and cynically amused. Of course he did. It makes perfect, cartoonish, Bond-villain sense that the Church would pick as their next pope the guy single-handedly responsible for “handling” the child-abuse scandal.

What’s also cynically amusing to me is that the one billion plus Catholics out there haven’t abandoned their Church. Of course they haven’t. Because the abused rarely leave the abuser, much less have them arrested. The narrative’s just too fucking important.

“The Church is good.”

“The Church is God’s institution on Earth.”

“The Church is perfect.”

“Death is terrifying so let’s uphold this bullshit at all costs.”

I remember Bill Maher said years ago that if the Church were a day-care chain, it would’ve been shut down, bankrupted, and its culprits arrested and locked away.


“The Church is good.”

I saw this documentary yesterday called Mea Maxima Culpa. It went into all kinds of detail on the various scandals. During it, I remarked something to the effect of, “The Vatican is a sovereign state. There’s no way to prosecute the pope.”

I met someone who is a registered sex offender. He/She must register wherever he/she lives for the rest of his/her life for his/her indirect part in a crime. He/She never molested anyone, but must wear this stigma forever.

The pope gets to retire. The “sex offender” must live with a stigma. Ah, the all-important narrative.

Someone told me things will change. Even Catholics will say, “Enough.” I’d like to agree. I’d like to assume that my (other) motto will ring true. Reason will always prevail. But sometimes, I’m not so sure.

And now, here’s a very amusing Betty Bowers video to cleanse your palette of all this depressing shit!

@BillMaher has a cheery chat with @SethMacFarlane on @PiersMorgan

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This came out months ago, but I just bumped into it, so thought I’d share. Two of my faves Bill Maher and Seth MacFarlane. The following is the most complete clip I could find. Not even fucking CNN seemed to have a full interview. Jerks. Thanks to Cruciefiction for the clip.

My video “atheism|IS A RELIGION!” is live on #AtheistConnect!

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The video is here. The main page is here.

I did this bit a long time ago, but never got around to posting it here. It’s brief and a traditional response to the traditional assertion that atheism is just another religion. In case anyone’s wondering why it’s not also live on Support Atheism, as of this writing, they’re moving servers and updating, so have a whole backlog of material (mine and others’) that they have yet to post. Once that happens, I’ll continue to announce it here.

Hats off to #JimJefferies for telling it like it is!

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Being an atheist comedian certainly isn’t unique. Off the top of my head, I can name David Cross, Bill Maher, Patton Oswald, Sarah Silverman, and Julia Sweeney who are all accomplished comics and who all at least once have been public about their atheism. The thing is, though, that most of them, even Cross and Oswald, don’t talk about it that much. Sure, it’s in bits here and there, but there’s not a lot of focus on it. Not that there needs to be. Their routines are theirs. They can do with them what they please. It’s just that in the struggle for social acceptance of atheism, one hopes for more. Much more.

In Maher and Sweeney’s cases, they’ve definitely gone into it, such as Maher’s Religulous and Sweeney’s Letting Go of God, but as great as those both were, they were sort of one-off efforts that haven’t seen much follow-up. Again, not that there should need to be. But still.

A few months ago, I bumped into Jim Jefferies on YouTube or somewhere. I liked his crass, “I’m always drunk” style immediately, but why I liked even more was this:

“Please know that you’re wrong.”

–Jim Jefferies

I’ve not yet seen someone so bluntly put it. He also does a great set where he begins with making fun of lesbians, has a joke about witnessing the military shoot a guy in the face, then ends on Catholic child molestation. He then points out that when he made fun of lesbians, the audience can’t get enough. When he makes light of a man being shot in the face, they love it. But the second he mentions religion, half the room goes quiet.

Outside of the atheist bits, one of my favorite stories of his, from Alcoholocaust, is this (at about 50:00):

About his taking his childhood friend Dan to a brothel to get the guy laid.

“That woman treated him with dignity and respect and made him feel like a sexual being for the only time in his life. You can’t put a price on that.”

–Jim Jefferies

If a better argument pro-legalized prostitution is out there, I haven’t heard it.

Thank you, #BillMaher, for setting it straight on religious candidates!

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Thanks to Kerry Gordon for posting this on Atheists/Agnostics on Facebook.

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