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Statements to Believers

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Since I started this site, I’ve fucked up a few times. I’ve often gotten into conversations with theists, people whom I don’t know, the conversations go their merry way, and I post them. What I learned the hard way was when I did this with people I did know, despite the fact that they’d proudly made stupid statements like, “I accept Easter fully,” and posted those statements on publicly available sites like Facebook, they didn’t want them here. The really shitty part was that I kept ending up in these conversations with people I knew and either I or they or we both would say such awesome things, but I started to feel that ethical lump at the bottom of my stomach when the question of posting them here arose.

Then it dawned on me! Ask their permission! So in one case, I did…

Shot. Down.

I was sad. So many lovely quotables, and I couldn’t use a one. But then I had another thought. I’m free to post things I’ve said! So following is the inaugural Statement to Believers, complete with paraphrased (and definitely NOT quoted) context. For initial context, the conversation followed this post. My text is in italics. His is in bold. Comments [in brackets].

Big Bang theory doesn’t contradict creation. Creator put the pieces in place, whether God or an alien.

The argument from creationists is that the Big Bang could NOT have happened. The linked video, and other evidence, demonstrates that not only could it have happened, but all evidence shows that it did.

If the claim is that a Creator set the Bang in motion, then the Creator & any claims made of It remain to be demonstrated. Not only that, but once we assume a Crestor, we’re then saddled with why would this Creator do such a thing?

In the case of the Big Bang, we have no need to explain intent, only how. How’s been explained. In the case of a Creator, we now also have to explain It & its intent.

If you think you can, please go ahead. 🙂 Continue reading

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