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Thank you, #DanSavage, for calling the #Bible on its bullshit!

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It’s a damn good thing this isn’t called “Atheist News Asshole” (though I do contribute to Atheist News) because I always take days or sometimes weeks to get to the big stuff. Let’s start with the essentials, from The Young Turks:

And now some more in-depth insight, courtesy of Zinnia Jones:

And before we go any further, let’s be really clear on what a “bully” is, per


N. a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.

V. (with object) to act the bully toward; intimidate; domineer.

V. (without object) to be loudly arrogant and overbearing.

A bully is someone who isn’t nice to someone else for whatever reason, and it tends to be a physical not-nice, though it can be
verbal/emotional. What I don’t get is, how was Savage “bullying” the students?

Let’s pretend he was. Continue reading

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