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Thank you, @DarkMatter2525, for your latest, “#God’s Priorities 2”

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Including its own time-lapse drawing of Obama!

This one brings up the age-old question of why God lets babies suffer and die when they’re, you know, babies. As DM points out, i’ve never heard a satisfactory answer from an apologist. Usually, it’s some bullshit version of “mysterious ways” or “God has a plan.”

@QualiaSoup makes us all look bad (again)!

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It’s been a good couple of weeks with new DarkMatter and NonStemp. But now new QS??

I’m proud of a couple of videos I’ve made. Even though they’ve pretty much been me griping to the camera. QualiaSoup is great not only because of his motion-graphics sparkle, but of course the arguments he makes, the facts he cites to back them up, and the stunning clarity with which he presents them.

Interesting, too, that the new topic, substance dualism, should cover almost exactly the bullshit claims of near-death experiences I’ve been discussing with AnduinX on YouTube.

Sweet honey from @DarkMatter2525 and @nonstampNSC (and a little update)!

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First, the update. Sort of two. As you may have noticed, the menu to the right seems to be in a constant state of flux. This is due to the fact that I was at first very enamored with WordPress’ “menu” option. I liked the style of the bold menu name with normal-font items beneath. It had a certain official, “real website” look to it. What I didn’t realize was that on-going and ever-expanding features such as A-News Podcast episodes quickly turn into a very long list that ultimately becomes visually and practically unruly over there. So, within weeks of transferring everything on the right over to the menu option, I’m now in the process of transferring it back to something more manageable for me and your eyes.

Second update. Much of what’s been occupying my atheist-related time has been an on-going stream of comments from AnduinX on the following (non-exhaustive) video I posted a long time ago, but which people keep finding because they hate it when people call NDEs bullshit.

I’ve responded to many of his comments and it’s turned into a pretty thorough conversation on the topic and related topics. Normally, I’d just do a quick copy/paste and post it along with all the other conversations with theists (though I’m actually not sure that this person is one), but the style of YouTube comments is kind of hard to follow without immediate context. So now I’m struggling with how to make it navigable once pasted. No good ideas so far.

And now, without further ado…

I always rejoice when DarkMatter and NonStamp release new videos. And it had felt like a while since they had.

First from DarkMatter:

I’ve always found the doctrine of a “personal relationship” really odd, you know, considering the evidence. I’ve heard people say shit like “God WANTS a relationship with you…” Really? God wants something? Doesn’t that suggest that God has a desire which either has not been fulfilled or may not be fulfilled? And if this is the case, doesn’t this mean that either God is not omnipotent or not omniscient? Because if he’s omnipotent, he can have whatever he wants. And if he’s omniscient, he already knows whether we’ll have a relationship with him, so the unknown bit of the “wanting” isn’t applicable.

But the bigger point of the video is something Hitchens commented on. If all doctrines of monotheistic faiths, specifically Christianity, are true, then the end-result of the implied logic is that God must be present everywhere all the time, which is tantamount to a celestial dictator.

Why this is desirable?

Now from NonStamp:

When I was a kid, I heard the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac, and I thought it was fucking insane then. Over a decade before I lost my faith. Why would a god request his servant to sacrifice his only son to test the servant’s faith? Wouldn’t God already know whether Abraham was faithful? And that God stops Abraham at the last second, doesn’t that mean that God didn’t know whether Abraham would truly go through with it? And why is the killing one’s own child a test of faith? Why not ask him to build something really cool? I guess asking for the ultimate sacrifice proves the ultimate loyalty, but like I said, if the god’s omniscient, then the test renders no new information.

Thank you, #DarkMatter2525, for your awesome ‘toon “How #God Favors Evil”!

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I’ve waited a long time for DarkMatter’s latest. Here it is:

“Will that un-rape the woman??”


DarkMatter brings up the fantastic point that I’d honestly never considered. If God has a plan, then that automatically means we have no free will because anything we choose is already part of the plan. And of course free will is horseshit in a universe controlled by an omniscient god.

What’s really funny is the ad that popped up right before the video was this:

Cute, little Daisy Chou. I followed her link to Found this:

Why I am a Mormon

I prayed for God to help me understand if the gospel, the fully restored gospel of Jesus Christ, was true. Once I knew it was true, I didn’t have much choice but to accept it and though it was a huge and often difficult change then… now, I have been forever blessed for my faithfulness and my testimony has only grown since then.

In looking for the original YouTube link, I decided to leave the following comment:

What convinced Daisy that LDS was true?

[quoted as above]

That’s right. She decided it was. No evidence. None at all. Thank Joseph Smith she’s not a criminal judge. 😀

Since comments require uploader approval, and since the uploader is Mormon, I doubt my comment will reach the video’s page.

Since Daisy called herself a dedicated blogger, I decided to Google her. Here she is:


And this is what she says about herself:

Daisy …
I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in June 2009. I grew up without a religion in my family, went to CMC for my bachelors, found the Church through co-workers and the internet and am currently at home with my son and working part-time (from home) as the Operations and Finance Director for an executive search firm. I am a wife, a new mom!, a daughter, a sister, an awesome aunt, a friend, a blogger, a wanna be fitness guru, a wanna be cook, a little A.D.D., a little type A and I am Mormon.

Ha! She went to the Claremont Colleges like I did.

Here’s what her husband has to say about himself:


Andy …
I grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I served a two year mission in Hong Kong, graduated from BYU and am currently working on my MD. I am a husband, a new dad!, a son, a brother, an awesome uncle, a friend, a golfer, a sports enthusiast, a Cougar fan, a furniture builder in the making, a competitive board game player, and I am Mormon.

Bingo! Daisy had no religion growing up, but hottie Mormon Boy comes along and suddenly, she’s in the church! Woo too for (presumed) social pressure!

Wanting to know more, I’ve left the following comment on the blog’s current post:

Hi Daisy,

I saw your Mormon ad on YouTube. I find the fact that you converted fascinating. I find your reason, “Once I knew [the Book of Mormon] was true,” even more fascinating. Especially since it’s more a declaration than a reason. What was it that convinced you that LDS is true?



I left my name and this site as my ID. We’ll see if she responds.

You go, #DamonFowler, for standing up for church/state separation!

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I found out about this originally on Atheist Community of Austin’s Non-Prophets podcast and was gonna write about it, then stupid DarkMatter2525 did it for me.

Get it through your fucking heads, Christians! Your current majority doesn’t = First Amendment supercession.

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