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@jref (yes, THAT #JamesRandi) beat my pale, scrawny cheeks with a switch (sort of)!

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I’ve been a Randi fan for a long time. I’ve especially been a fan of his Million Dollar Challenge. I’ve used his resources in debates. I’ve posted his videos. I’ve done shots with him out of hookers’ asses in Vegas’ The Palazzo presidential suite overlooking the TAM conference! Hell, I even wiped his whiskers when some of the Skyy dribbled down his chin! You can imagine, then, my surprise and slight dismay, when I found the following in my inbox:

In case you don’t know, he’s referencing this. I sent the following reply: Continue reading

My Statement Regarding @DrWayneWDyer on 6/29/12

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This is statement originated with activity that inspired this post. I have a zero-tolerance level for bullshit, but an even lower one (is that possible?) for New Age, “open mind”, all-ideas-are-equally-valid bullshit. Especially that of charlatans like Dr. Wayne Dyer who claim that if you imagine a job, you’ll get it. My text is in italics. The believer’s is in bold. Comments are [in brackets].

Dr. Dyer’s received the comments you wrote on his interview.

Can we assume, then, that the comments we already left on that page he’s either read or will read?

He even read yours too, Anton.

I figure he’s ignored it. Taking responsibility for fraud tends to lower one’s book sales, but I thought I’d check. 🙂

He read and respects your opinion. He’s been in the business longer than I’ve been born so he’s used to opinions for and against his work. He let’s criticisms roll off his back. I doubt his intention is defrauding people. He’s a genuine man and believes in what he teaches as much as you believe in yours. He raised $150 million dollars for PBS, didn’t make a penny off of it so I doubt he does it for the money. He’s a good person, you’d like him even if you disagree with his belief system.

I take issue with your calling what I’ve said my “opinion.” The facts are these: Continue reading

Fuck you, @DrWayneWDyer, for shilling bullshit to the unemployed (and gullible)!

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Forty-eight hours ago, I’d never fucking heard of Dr. Wayne Dyer.


Then my friend, Jeff R., sent me a request to check out his interview on Media Bistro with Dr. Dyer here and post a response. I did and did. And I was quoted here. With a link to my alter ego.

With the opening exchange of…

So What Do You Do, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bestselling Author and Speaker?

“I don’t write the books — God does.”

…I got nervous. What ensued was this deluge of wanna-be-The Secret horseshit on how if you just pretend you have the job of your dreams… you’ll have the job of your dreams. It sounded so familiar. Where had I heard this crap before? Oh, that’s right, from these guys!


For about ten years, I was indoctrinated to believe that if you imagine something (or “visualize” as was often said), it’ll become real. It will “manifest” itself in your life. They had a couple of terms for this. One was “prosperity consciousness”; if you imagine being prosperous, you will be. Another was “positive affirmation”; if you declare that something (good) is, it will be. It was all based on the bullshit notion that like attracts like, arguably loosely based on the actual social phenomenon of happy, fun people liking to hang out with other happy, fun people. But as Unity’s claims of money flowing into your life, The Secret’s claim of shiny, new cars flowing into your life, or Dr. Dyer’s claims of employment flowing into your life, all because you want it to and imagine it happening, there is not one shred of objectively verifiable evidence to back up one lick of any of it.


But that doesn’t stop Dr. Dyer. Oh, no. Continue reading

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