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My letter to a (former) #Christian friend

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on February 3, 2016 by Anton A. Hill

As I detailed in my article “Keeping Religious Friends,” I lost my friend JT over my alleged “snide” comments about Christianity. As I admitted in the article, it’s entirely possible I made such comments, I just don’t know what they were.

Shortly after JT sent me her Facebook message in which she said that, “for our friendship,” she was un-friending me, I wrote the following letter.

I never sent it.

I didn’t see the point. I knew what I needed to know. That I saw no incentive to speak to her nor her husband again. Our 15+ year friendship be damned.

But the stupid letter has sat in my drafts folder ever since. To clear that out, and to clear my mental air, here it is.

Hey JT,
Removing me is certainly your choice and I absolutely respect your right to do that.
I believe, based on evidence, that Christianity does demonstrable harm to the world. If you determine that my claims are baseless on the facts, you’re welcome to challenge me on them. If you can’t make that determination, then I assert you’ve got no reason to direct your irritation at me. If you simply have no tolerance for being challenged on your beliefs, then you should probably go ahead and de-friend me or block my comments from your headlines.
I understand that you and Mark, my mom, and many others really believe, but belief alone is neither valid nor commendable. There are plenty of claims out there (religious and otherwise) which are popular, but have no evidence to support them.
It matters to me that some of my friends are theists inasmuch as they have the right to their beliefs, but just as they do, so do I. And just as they constantly post theistic things, so, too, do I have the right to post non-theistic things. I don’t want to read about theistic things on a regular basis, and yet I put up with it because I understand that such claims are popular and so will often be made.
I’ve not once written to you directly asking for evidence of your faith. If you choose to read something I’ve posted on a public forum, that’s your choice.
It troubles me that you’d say “for our friendship.” If you feel it would truly be worth ending our decade+ relationship over a difference of opinion, then that saddens me greatly, but life’s too short to be wasted on petty trifles.


Random shit for Friday (#triggerwarning: #bullshit)

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I’m seriously gotta take a break from Twitter. I whined about this in my hangout with Frank Skiff. I swear I see something on Twit and Facebook almost every day that pisses me off.

And not even religious shit.

I’m gonna name some names so if you don’t like that, or a ramble fest, go away.

First up, @infuriousbeauty on Twitter told me blah blah misogyny, blah blah, I’m male, therefore STFU. I don’t give a shit when total random strangers tell me to STFU. I actually find it pretty amusing. What irritated me was that she said that criticism of her point (which was some bullshit on males and misogyny) was invalidating to her as a woman.


Think whatever bullshit you want on the world being run by a patriarchic cabal of misogynists (who hate women). To some small degree, I don’t really care. Crazy is as crazy is. But to equate calling bullshit on bullshit to invalidation… is bullshit. No one, and I even mean us evil white, male, heterosexuals, gets to spew bullshit and be granted a pass because, you know, criticism of one’s bullshit •feels• like invalidation. If I invalidate you, you’ll know. It’ll sound something like, “You’re fucking stupid.” Or, “You’re invalid.” Or, “Shut the fuck up.”

I said none of those.

I questioned the validity of her point/claim. Granted, such questioning may feel uncomfortable, but that’s not my responsibility.

I then asked if, per her reasoning, as a gimp, do I get to say whatever the fuck I want and call anyone ableist who dares call out my bullshit?

Piss, moan, whine.

Here come the names! Yesterday, I see a F’book post by Dave Muscato in which he says he heard someone tell a sexist joke and, gee, what’s to be done? Better call the motherfuckers out on their misogyny!!

I like Dave. He rocks that goatee like nobody (except maybe The Rock). But what the fuck? First, and this annoyed the hell out of me, Dave equated “sexism” with “misogyny.” No, he didn’t literally say, “These two are equal,” but he used them equally. As synonyms.

They’re not.

And I’ll prove they’re not. From

Misogyny: hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.

Sexism: 1. attitudes or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of sexual roles. 2. discrimination or devaluation based on a person’s sex, as in restricted job opportunities; especially, such discrimination directed against women.

Granted, “devaluation” enters the territory loosely bordering the desert of “hatred,” but it’s not equal thereto.

And yes, I know, an appeal to a dictionary is essentially an appeal to authority; however dictionaries are archives of occurring linguistic phenomena. When languages change, dictionaries reflect that.

And yes, I’m aware that Australia up and decided that “misogyny” and “sexism” are, in fact, synonyms. That’s a separate linguistic discussion, but for now I’ll just say: bullshit.

Back to Muscato. I have a sincere question for you, Dave. Do you care as much about fact as your very public atheism would seem to presume? Because you don’t seem to. You seem to embrace at least two terms (possibly more) and their misuse… because fuck accuracy.

But that’s a small issue. My greater concern with Dave’s post was that he then went on to say how he wasn’t gonna back down from calling people out for sexist/misogynist jokes.


I called bullshit on where he drew his line and how he decided that’s where it should be drawn.

Then fucking Penn Jillette stole my goddamn thunder. 🙂 He basically schooled Dave on who the fuck is he to say anything about humor?? (I’ll re-post if I can.)

I mean, seriously, Dave. Honestly. I totally get that there is humor out there that even I would consider in poor taste. But man is it a fuzzy, gray area that whole “taste” thing. What would I do if someone told what I considered a really offensive joke? I don’t know. I wonder, though, what will you, or anyone else do with these?

Q: What’s the first thing a blonde says when she wakes up?
A: Are all you guys on the same football team?

Q: What does Helen Keller do when she falls off a cliff?
A: •Miming fanatic hand-shaking•

Both are in poor taste. Both I find hilarious. Yes, even as a gimp.

Finally, and this is minimal, I saw reference to somebody on Freethought Blogs whom I’d never heard of. The headline was something about sexism and jokes.

Seriously, when the fuck did jokes become the Great Satan??

I didn’t even bother. To quote a billion shrieking social justice warriors, “I don’t need you to tell me what I should find funny.”

Behold, the inaugural #ANews Podcast Episode Number 1 with #BrianAllen, #LeeMoore, #SteveShives, and Yours Truly!

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Ever since I started this site, I’d intended to do a podcast. It wasn’t gonna be anything crazy, like The Atheist Experience, but maybe some conversation between me and some guests. Not even famous guests, just people I liked to talk to. Obviously, that never materialized. But I even had a dedicated download page for when I’d finally have them. After several months of the page sitting there, crying out for the lack of material, I finally unceremoniously retired it.

The world wept.

I didn’t think about it for a long time. I listened to other atheist podcasts with a great deal of pride in what they were accomplishing and a touch of envy in what I was never getting around to. At A-News’ generous invitation, I got involved in their show. I made insanely important and relevant video segments seen the world over. Sure, it took forever to shoot and edit the damn things before it then took forever again to upload them to the A-News server, but I was changing the world.

Then it happened.

I saw an announcement on the A-News Facebook page that the boys were looking to do a podcast. Right on, bitches! With surprising ease of coordination, we whipped out our Skypes, I stuck in my headphones so as not to annoy the wife, and we dove right in.

Then, shockingly, the VERY NEXT DAY, the boys had it up.

Without further ado, and with only one blowhard rant by me on the bullshit that is NDEs, here is:

The A-News Podcast Episode I

A brief update on the #Facebook and the #Tumblr

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“It was supposed to be a thing of beauty, not this monstrosity abomination!”

–C. Montgomery Burns

Quite a while ago now, I started Atheist Asshole Facebook and Tumblr pages/feeds/whatever. I’d been inspired by folks such as Mike Lee, who had all these great conversations and debates on theirs. While the inspiration was innocent enough, the end result was grossly premature. See, given that Mike’s regular audience is in the thousands and that mine is, er, less, I created a forum for a conversation that didn’t exist.

And while I’ve strived to keep the pages updated so at least something was going on, I’ve failed in that endeavor as well. What with the many atheist goings-on, not to mention my other goings-on, I simply haven’t found the time for even the tiniest of updates to either page.

Thus, it’s with almost complete indifference that I now announce the semi-retirement of both. I’ll post new videos on them, but that’s currently all I plan to do. If something sparks and there is a discussion to be had in either or both forums, awesome, but that’s in the future.

Come and watch me #Tumblr!

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No, that’s not a euphemism for anything. On a friend’s recommendation, I’ve started a Tumblr account. How do I have time for this site, my Support Atheism, Atheist Connect, and A-News contributions, in addition to my YouTube channel and Facebook page, you ask?

I don’t.

As anyone who’s visited the Facebook page can attest, I don’t do much with that. The intention was to put bits of first-run stuff there, and I would have, had I figured out how to make the damn Twitter forward to it. I haven’t given up on it yet, it’s just not a huge priority yet. And the fact is, without, to borrow a computer term, a large enough install base, I’m just not sure there’s a huge need for the Facebook page as of yet. (Enough “yet”s yet?)

But this isn’t about that.

My point of the above things is that no, I don’t have time for it all, but what I’ve noticed is I’ve tended to collect little bits and pieces, like links to videos and articles, that I want to share with the world, and sometimes even comment on, but I just don’t find the time. However, with Tumblr’s bit on simply forwarding or
“re-blogging” things, I figured that’d be a nice way to go.

So the general rule will be if I just want to share something, without taking the time to, at-length, comment on it, it goes on Tumblr. if I do want to comment, it goes on here and becomes a post. If I want to say a ton of shit, it becomes an article for SA and AC. If it becomes something where I feel I actually want to say things (as opposed to writing them), it goes up on YouTube.

Case-by-case basis.

So please drop by my Tumblr page linked below and on the right under My Tumblr, follow me, and, if you’re lucky, I might even follow you!

The Atheist Asshole’s Tumblr!

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