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“Was #Jesus a myth?” debate w/ @DanBarkerffrf & @droakley1689

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My friend found this before I did (happening a lot lately). It’s a decent debate with strong and weak points on each side. I’ll discuss a couple of them. <–And by “discuss,” I mean I won’t say anything at all because this is one of the last things I’d always meant to post here and never got around to, so, in fact, no discussion at all.

Thank you, #FreedomFromReligionFoundation, for posting my own, personal billboard!

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The FFRF main page is here. Other billboards are here. My billboard is here, may be posted somwhere on the right (when I decide where), and here:


Yes, that’s me. In a flower costume (my friend was a bee). Thugging it up. Throwing up gang signs.

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