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“vlog|10 7 13” re: @tfburns, #Halloween, @robinlever, & #apologetics

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Back on the wagon. Yeah, I know, I have an archive of two months of entries that I haven’t posted yet. I’ll try to get to that soon. I just figured with this one, before I let too much time pass, I’d go ahead and post it. I also have yet to add it or any others to my own My Media pages. One day.

So here’s Tom Burns who contacted me and we’ve now done the mutual shout-out (though he beat me to it). I express my hypocrisy over my former love of Halloween/distancing of Christmas. I now still love Halloween and really enjoy Christmas.

And then Lever. I bumped into her after I saw a tweet of hers regarding Jessica Ahlquist. We’ve been chatting ever since. It’s been almost entirely constructive in my opinion. I’ve learned a couple of things and hey, maybe she has too. But I stand by my observation in the entry that most of what she says can be boiled down to an argument from ignorance. That said, she totally got me a couple of days ago with the question on what you tell a dying child (that they’re about to meet nothing or that there’s a better place).

Congratulations, #ChrisJohnson on funding your #kickstarter project @theatheistbook “A Better Life”!

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Ironically, it was a believer friend who sent this to me.

I’m always so pleased when not only atheist-related projects get off the ground, but those that are focused solely on the positive aspects of atheism rather than just more bitching.

After checking out the list of contributors, I was a little bored to see the usual Richard Dawkinses and Lawrence Krausses (can’t we get SOME non-famous, non-scientist people??) and downright irritated to see my old pal Rebecca “Professional Whiner” Watson (here’s what I’ve had to say about her bullshit), but I was delighted to see former-regular atheist Jessica Ahlquist.


Hats off to @jessicaahlquist for Chuck-ing Sheen!

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As reported by Fox News, a Cranston School committee threw in the towel!


By 5-2, they decided not to further appeal the removal of the prayer mural. Cited reasons were the escalating cost it would take to further appeal. This is hilarious as I’m pretty sure certain members of the supporters of the mural vowed to take this all the way to the Supreme Court. Although I haven’t been able to find any sources for that, so maybe I’m just making it up.

In any case, the case is settled. Jessica and the constitution won. Theists who can’t read or couldn’t be bothered to read the constitution or realize that it applies not just when it’s convenient, but especially when it’s not, lost. ratio semper vincet. (Or maybe inopia pecuniae semper vincet. Whichever.)

You go (again), #JessicaAhlquist , for standing up for church/state separation!

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I heard an interview with Ahlquist on a recent Non-Prophets podcast, the same one in which I heard an interview with Damon Fowler. I instantly forgot Ahlquist’s name and googled like a madman. I wanted, like with Fowler, to promote Ahlquist and what she’s been doing. I thought, “I have to post about this–It’s important!” Then I realized:

I already had.

But I felt I should again because, among other things, unlike in Fowler’s case, Ahlquist is still at school with two more years to go. So here’s an interview with Ahlquist from Atheist Soapbox. And following is an interview video by AtomicSteve (because you gotta have videos!).

You go, Jessica Ahlquist, for standing up for church/state separation!

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I happened upon this through Atheist Media Blog.

It’s always the same fucking story. The religious put up some bullshit sign or banner or whatever else, someone complains, and the religious rely on appeals to history, emotion, and popularity. I’m glad the rabbi and reverend were ethical enough to say that yes, the prayer is unconstitutional and the popularity or historic precedent of the prayer are irrelevant.

And of course the school’s fighting it. They can’t just be big enough to admit that Ahlquist is right, the prayer shouldn’t be there, remove it, and current parent/student ire and that of alumni be damned.

I hope that legal precedent, logic, reason, and the ethical
application of those will prevail.

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