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For those who think that there •may be• validity to the bullshit concept of the human soul.

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This comes via Common Sense Atheism. The whole thing is great, but the bit I’m specifically concerned with occurs at approximately 4:40-9:20.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the claim that there is a human soul (but it’s been a lot). Even from some atheists! Every time, without exception, when I ask what the asserter defines the soul to be and how the asserter knows, I’m ALWAYS met with floundering rationalization. Some paraphrased, based-on-actual examples: Continue reading

Thank you, Ricky Gervais, for giving us (another) voice!

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This is from Gervais’ interview with Piers Morgan on CNN.

I kinda wish Gervais had gotten a bit more into it. But then, it is Morgan’s show, there was limited time, and I like that he got off some brief, but excellent points without being interrupted or challenged, which often happens on other shows and outlets (I’m looking at YOU, Bill O’Reilly!).

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