The Atheist Asshole and Randy Bridgeman on 6/15/12

It would be folly to commit all those crimes, then wait until you’re about to die to confess. Why? Because no one knows beyond a shadow of a doubt when he/she will leave this earth. In addition, one may go suddenly, therefore not have time to repent. Who in their right mind would take that chance? People make the idea of Salvation a complicated matter when indeed it’s really elementary in its basic tenets: We’re all sinners; we can’t save ourselves. The Creator is holy (without blemish, absolutely perfect) demands perfection from each of his creations. Of course, nobody qualifies because of our sins. His penalty for sin is death. Knowing our dilemma from eternity past, He makes a way out for us by sending His beloved and perfect Son, Jesus Christ, to die in our place. When one acknowledges the death of Jesus on the cross in our place (i.e., substitionary death), he/she is forgiven of all sins (remember Jesus paid the penalty) and receives eternal life to boot. Now can you think of a better ‘deal’ anywhere or in any era?

GOD must punish sin because He’s holy. However, he’s made an escape for everyone. When you come through Christ as it were, GOD sees you as perfect in Christ. Why don’t you grab thos opportunity with both hands? GOD is a merciful and forgiving Creator who will accept you or anyone with open arms, once you approach Him in humility and with repentance in your heart. GOD constantly gets a bad name, but there’s absolutely nothing bad about Him.

Why do you think I’m communicating with you? Is it because I’d like to see you roast in Hell? No way. Rather, I’d be happy if you eascaped eternal damnation. You’re making too much of the jokes.

I can share with some things I KNOW the Lord did in my life. That’s for another time, however.

I love you in Christ and pray that you will see the light before you ‘check out.’

Good night & blessings to you and loved ones.

Hi Randy,

I’m not denying the folly of committing heinous crimes, then waiting till one’s deathbed to accept Jesus. I was simply asking a question on the theological implications. But let’s make it even simpler. Is it possible to commit massive human atrocities, then, upon the commitment of said atrocities, ask for forgiveness? Could I, say, murder ten men, rape their wives, and sell their children into slavery as long as, the very moment I’d finished doing so, I asked for Jesus’ forgiveness? Would I be forgiven and allowed entry into Heaven upon my death? Yes or no?

You make the point of “not have time to repent.” I’ve been fascinated with this for a while and maybe you can clear it up for me. If God is not only eternal, but exists outside of time, why is the cut-off point for my salvation my own death? Why does that deadline matter to an eternal God? Why couldn’t I commit sins, die, then, upon witnessing the nature of God, repent and be forgiven? It seems odd that an omnipotent being would either be restricted by or restrict Himself with such an exact, and ultimately arbitrary, rule.

How do you know that the Creator demands perfection of its creation? Why, in its omniscience, would it demand something of us that it knows we’re incapable of? That’s ultimately a very empty demand, especially something about which He knows everything.

Why would substitutional atonement be the requirement? Why the specific time and place of such atonement given that the vast majority of the world’s population before and during that time had no way of learning of Jesus? Even a few cultures today have no means of acquaintance with it. Why is the sacrifice of one man, by means of a completely standard capital punishment of the time, considered sufficient to pay for all sin for all people who ever had lived and ever would live?

Why doesn’t God, in His perfection, simply forgive all sinners of their sin without substitutional atonement?

It’s funny you mention better deal because I just suggested one. Forgive for its sown sake. No condition. No substitution. Just plain, regular forgiveness.

Why must God do anything? He’s God. Presumably He makes the rules, so why would He be bound by any? The reason I don’t grab this “opportunity” with both hands is I’ve not encountered any evidence that any of it is true. And when I press believers to demonstrate evidence of their claims, they either can’t or they refuse to.

I don’t know why you’re communicating with me. Seems like a huge waste of your time. How do you know that Hell is real and that it is what you think it is?

Please do share the things you know the Lord did in your life. Believers always tell me that they know God worked in their lives and yet they’re never able to tell me specifically how.

Take care,


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